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During the Sixth World Conference, Sathya Sai Baba laid emphasis on the formation of Youth Wings. This was the impetus for launching a formal Young Adults Program in all ten regions of the U.S., in 1996. Baba enunciates the challenges and the potential of this critical stage of youth in life.


"Youth is the stage in life when the slightest turn toward the wrong will spell disaster. Thoughts shape the career. You plan to earn much wealth because you imagine that rich people are very happy. The rich have plenty to eat, but they have no appetite. The rich wield power over others, but they are held down by disease. The rich can have many servants, but they cannot live in peace. So, plan to be rich in virtue, in devotion and dedication to good causes. Be rich in sovereign character. What exactly is character? Steady adherence to truth, renunciation, genuine love, selfless service ó these are the essential components of character."


"Youth should imbibe the right ideals and plunge into society with the thirst for service as a spiritual duty, and this will make their humanness worthwhile. They should cultivate basic human traits like humility, readiness to serve and commiseration at the suffering of others."

The program is designed for young adults (18 to 35 years age), including those who have participated in Sai Spiritual Education and/or other backgrounds, to transition into the Sai Organization. The young adults programs operate on a regional basis, involving young adults from all of the Centers in the region. There is a young adults advisor for men and another for women, who provide overall guidance to the program. Two young-adults representatives (one for women and another for men) provide the leadership to plan, develop and direct various group programs relating to service, devotion, and education. The young adults meet regularly, at least once a month, to plan and conduct their activities. The young adults enthusiastically share their ideas, ideals and highlights of their spiritual journey in a national quarterly newsletter titled Sai Students' Bulletin. You can obtain a free copy at any Sathya Sai Baba Center.

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